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Manufacturers of Precision Components


Lenz Precision Technology Incorporated has been in business since 1972.
It was founded by Pius and Valerie Lenz, immigrants from Switzerland in 1950.
The business was first called Lenz Tool and Die, since Pius was a Tool and Mold maker.
Later, as the business grew to become a high tech company, the name was changed to Lenz Precision Technology Incorporated

One of the most talented and highly skilled machinists in the area, Owner and Operator Eric Lenz was educated at De Anza College and worked at Nasa/Ames Research Center as a machinist.

We pride ourselves on the noticeable quality in our craftsmanship, specializing in ultra smooth finishes.
We are proficient with the more complicated jobs and have full 3D capabilities.
We work with Semi Conductor, Medical/Pharmaceutical, Motor, and Water Purification companies.


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